2023 Recognition:

Market Guide for Analytics and Decision Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain

Tool: Identify A&DI Solutions for Supply Chain

2022 Recognition:

Market Guide for Supply Chain Cost-to-Serve Analytics Technology

A cost-to-serve analysis creates a solid understanding on where and how costs are incurred through an organization. It is about modeling costs that are different for each customer and product, and ensuring they are allocated fairly

Leverage Advanced Analytics in Transportation to Reduce Costs and Improve Processes

Amid continued disruption, organizations are struggling with managing continuous variability and generating large amounts of data. Logistics leaders can use this research to determine the types of analytics and technologies available in transportation, as well as define the benefits and use case

2021 Recognition:

Market Guide for Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms in Supply Chain.

Many supply chain organizations are looking to speed up end-to-end decision making on the basis of connected data sources, allowing them to quickly react to current and anticipate future disruptions.

2020 Recognition:

How to Take Advantage of Advanced Analytics in Transportation

With consistent flux in the transportation industry, data is becoming a more valuable asset. Logistics leaders should use advanced analytics to drive continuous improvement and drive down costs throughout their transportation networks.

2019 Recognition:

Supply Chain Solution Category: Intelligence Tools

Data captured from multiple data sources, internal and external, structured and unstructured. On top of this lake, analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities are used to deliver predictive visibility and further prescriptive automation/resolution.

Here, the focus is centered around tools providing insights into supply-chain-specific data objects of order, inventory and transport, being just one of many use cases for those tools

About aThingz

aThingz, is a global supply chain technology company that provides the following business outcome focused solutions :

  • Logistics Autonomous Planning
  • Logistics Spend Management
  • Logistics Network Sourcing Intelligence
  • Real Time Transportation Visibility
  • Supply Chain Resilience (Demand-Supply Sensing)
  • Demand Forecasting

We provide faster and timely integrated business insights across the value chain, while transforming, innovating and providing sustainable cost savings, using proprietary algorithms, AI, machine learning, digital twins and optimization models.

With our strong foundational data management and integrations features, we continuously improve the quality of data, thereby increasing the accuracy of supply chain business decisions. For more information about our solution and services, please visit us at www.athingz.com

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