Data Privacy Policy for Daksa (Cognitive Supply Chain Platform & Conversational AI)

aThingz treats its customer’s personal and system data with utmost care and security. Our application and data are hosted in a secure cloud environment with encryption (HTTPS, TLS). Additionally, we also have a SFTP mechanism established via which customers/partners provide data to our platform.

Personal Data

We collect personal data information from users of Daksa for the following purposes:

  • Application Subscription Payment
  • Application Authentication
  • Application Authorization

  • Person Data Collected

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Organization Name
  • Role in Organization (Buyer/Line of Business Leader/User)
  • Organization Address
  • Bank/Credit Card Information for Invoices and Payments
  • Application Data: We bring the power of Artificial and Augmented Intelligence through Daksa to guide our customers to a self-learning and self-healing supply chain model   With hyper automations triggered based on key supply chain events, actionable insights, workflows and decision recommendations are enabled   In fact, you can converse with Daksa to get quick insights and recommendations to improve the quality of your data and business performance