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Logistics Autonomous Planning

Closed loop integrated logistics planning enables accurate base plans that can be used to measure network execution and performance

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Spend visibility

Gain end to end Logistics spend visibility to measure true spend performance and predict future spend

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Logistics Network Sourcing Intelligence

Evaluate transportation sourcing bids to identify sourcing strategies, secure transportation capacity in a cost-effective manner

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Real Time Transportation Visibility

Know exactly where your shipments are in your network – Multi modal and multi leg real time transportation visibility with reliable and accurate predictive ETAs

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Supply Chain Resilience

Gain insights and predictability into inventory criticality and transportation modes at risks and receive prescriptive recommendations

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Demand Forecasting

Increase Forecast Accuracy of Future Demand and automated forecast adjustments


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aThingz Supply Chain AI Platform for Autonomous Supply Chains that can continuously learn, self-correct, be highly responsive, proactive and hyper automated

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Data Management

360-degree view of supply chain data entities, out-of-the-box data quality rules, machine learning algorithms to detect data inconsistencies, cleanse, harmonize and standardize data – improving the accuracy of supply chain business decisions

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Integration Hub

Flexible, quick integration and connectivity with different types of data sources (Systems, live data etc.) and formats/protocols (API, EDI, JSON, CVS, XML etc.)

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Insights and Analytics

Continuous Intelligence powered by machine learning algorithms, providing predictive and prescriptive integrated insights across the value chain

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Heuristics and Optimization

Computations and linear programming-based optimization techniques to optimize supply chains with inputs from several network attributes and constraints

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Alerts, Workflows and Automation

Proactive alerts and workflows are enabled and configured for specific supply chain events within the network - relevant stakeholders are notified with actionable insights

Supply Chain Building Blocks for Innovation and Transformation INTEGRATED.  INTELLIGENT.  INTUITIVE.  INNOVATIVE.


Why aThingz?



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Accelerated Business Value

Increase accuracy

Gain Spend Visibility

Optimize Network

Reduce Premium Freight

Reduce logistics spend

Increase cash flow

Increase asset utilization

Accelerated Innovation


Leveraging aThingz Industry expertise – we offer specialized solutions for
Automotive, Life Sciences, Consumer and Retail Industries.

About aThingz

aThingz has synthesized the logistics planning and execution technology landscape down to its core elements and reassembled those core elements into a singular solution approach inclusive of modern technology, people and process change management, and outsized business outcome coaching.

Instead of multiple systems integrated together in a sequential, linear fashion, aThingz simultaneously synchronizes and orchestrates planning, execution, finance, and performance management into a single continuous process for logistics and transportation.

By fusing these various elements into a single system and process, aThingz creates a continuous S&OP process for the logistics problem set. Starting with objectives – financials, customer service, asset utilization - aThingz develops a constraint-based plan, then executes the plan, monitors and manages it as it is being executed.

Sales & Logistics Planning with Execution (SLOPE) . . . S&OP for logistics & transport. With aThingz SLOPE, the transport plan is a living, breathing entity that slides forward through time. We are a WBENC certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise and proudly support local leadership organizations - Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MCWT), We Build Character (WBC) to name a few.

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