Regaining capacity, stability and confidence in North America’s supply chain

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global returns September 26-28, 2023, in Dearborn, Michigan to help experts, regulators and senior leaders take control of North America’s automotive supply chain after years of crisis and give logistics and supply chain partners the confidence to invest in the future.

Throughout the turmoil of the pandemic, semiconductor shortages and economic volatility, automotive supply chains in North America have risen to the challenge and often prevailed, with manufacturers and logistics providers proving more adept at mitigating risk, more agile in changing freight and inventory strategies, and more willing to invest in the services to keep production and distribution flowing.

Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global will explore how policies across North America are impacting supply chain operations, with stakeholders and experts from government discussing incentives, changes, and opportunities for automotive logistics. The conference will also explore how the industry can best build the most diverse and inclusive teams, especially as mixed cultures and experiences are often critical to success in today’s complex, and ever-changing supply chains.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the most important dialogue for North America’s automotive logistics industry at a time when supply chain organizations and service providers across the region are set to play an essential role in both the industry’s recovery and in thriving in a new generation of technology, regulations and customer expectations.