The Benefits of Closed Loop Autonomous Logistics Planning

Having an accurate base logistics plan helps effectively manage the network, assets and cost, especially during the times of supply chain disruptions.

With transportation capacity, driver shortage challenges, it is imperative that organizations need to have an accurate and measurable base logistics plan that outlooks future logistics demand and routing over several upcoming weeks and not just the upcoming week alone.

Please join Bob Trebilcock, Vijaya Neela, President & CEO and Kannan Ramachandran, Chief AI & Commercial Officer with aThingz, for "The Benefits of Closed Loop Autonomous Logistics Planning."

Vijaya and Kannan will discuss their innovative closed loop autonomous logistics planning solution and the value it generates for their customers:

  • Providing accurate base logistics plans with higher level of improved data quality
  • Using aThingz AI/ML algorithms, apply execution learnings back into planning to create a closed loop autonomous planning
  • Creating highly efficient plans to increase cash flow and cost avoidance