Accelerated Transformation, End to End Visibility and Data Insights during Supply Chain Crisis Event

Supply chain crisis events are forcing organizations to challenge the status quo. In this webcast, audiences will hear first-hand from Vijay Bharadwaj, Director of Inventory Management of General Motors about GM’s Inbound Logistics Transformation journey and how they were able to achieve the following:

  • - Transformation and proactive management of supply chain crisis events
  • - Cost to serve with granular level cost visibility
  • - Create sustainable cost savings
  • - Generate profitable value across the supply chain

Furthermore, this discussion panel will highlight the following key aspects of aThingz innovative AI solution that enabled GM’s transformation

  • - Deep SME Knowledge to solve logistics and supply chain business problems
  • - Augmented Intelligence – Augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence
  • - Robust integrated data management layer with continuous improvement on data quality
  • - AI enabled Closed Loop Integrated Logistics Planning with Demand Sensing
  • - Digital Twins and Digital Control Tower with real time visibility to intercontinental shipments